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Help your team deal with the issues surrounding workplace grief or loss.

The Road Ahead - After the Funeral

The book offers practical advice for rebuilding a life after the loss of a spouse or partner.

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Care and Concern
Everyone experiences grief in their own way and time. Are you ready to begin creating your future after experiencing your loss? We offer:

bullet One-to-one support
bullet Care & comfort your heart longs for
bullet A focus on the future
bullet Understanding the loss you have suffered
bullet Tools to help you move forward with joy and compassion

Help writing a eulogy
We walk you through the process of writing and delivering the right words when it matters most.

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Grief Path Healing Business

Grief and Loss in the Workplace.

The work environment presents unique challenges to both your manager(s) and employees touched by loss. People who work together often become like family.

How loss and grief are handled in the workplace makes a difference to your employees, both those going through the loss as well as those around the individual. In one way or another the entire staff is impacted.

Grief consulting helps managers and employees understand:

  • the impact of grief and how it affects the entire team
  • what to do and say in times of crisis & grief
  • how to talk to a grieving individual and others affected by the loss
  • how the team's productivity is affected during the grieving/crisis period


    Linda is available as an accomplished, inspirational speaker to a variety of groups and organizations. She has a number of topics that may be of interest to your group. Talks or workshops can be tailored to your group's specific needs. Please contact Linda directly at
    973-722-9961 to discuss your needs.

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Personal Grief and Loss Are Life Altering Experiences.

Personal unresolved grief can lead to a life that is not whole; a life that is filled with significant negative and long term effects. It is important to move through your grief in order to face your life in a way that leads you back to happiness and peace.

Everyone goes through grief and transition differently. Sometimes you need someone to talk with; sometimes you just need someone to hear you — to really hear your concerns. Some transitions are involuntary such as the death of someone close to you, a divorce, or a job loss. Some are voluntary such as a job promotion, moving, or having a baby. Family and friends are not always able or qualified to help.

A major grief event can disrupt your life. Working with a grief coach can help you through the process. Linda is a compassionate grief coach who will guide you to closure and help you enjoy your life again.

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